Grilled Laptop Replacement

I have taken a liking to seafood. I watched a woman grill a red snapper on a device in the middle of their dining table at a restaurant, last night. It was fabulous and so fancy. The fish curled as if cooked and the ladies used chopsticks to eat it as it layed in front of them, still cooking. One of the women then proceeded to take out her laptop and place it a bit too close to the hot grill like device in the center of the table. It charred the laptop and she commented that would need to purchase a used laptop rather quickly. I could not help but laugh because the situation was incredibly comical. What was she thinking? Her purpose was to blog about the dinner while they were being filmed, which in itself was kind of silly. I wish I had a lot of money so that I could go eat fancy dinners, outdoors with a group of friends and a camera crew. Unfortunately I am stuck eating only that which I can cook, because going out to dinner is so incredibly expensive. You need to be doing well financially to indulge in such things. My meager pension as an 80 year old retired accountant is insufficient to afford a night out. I am also to old to drive and they have taken my car away from me. Such is life!  I enjoy taking the bus because I meet a lot of interesting people from all walks of life, and I have my freedom! Click here to read more about the bus. For more information click here and visit The Gadget Nerds online!

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