How to use the built-in Windows Repair Software

Before complaining that your computer is working slow and it damages all your virtual activity, but you don’t have the money to buy a Windows Repair Software, you should know that you already have one for free.

Also called System File Checker, the built-in repair software will help your computer work faster and remove all the corrupted files on your personal computer. You can use this software any time you please, just by following some simple and easy steps.

Before running the Windows Repair Software, you must close all the programs you have opened on the Desktop. You will be able to use them, but it is not advisable since they will work really slow and might even corrupt the scanning.

The next step is as simple as pie: you need to click on Start, which is probably the first thing you learned when using the computer for the first time. Next, open the command centre, also represented by the word ”Run”. When the text box appear, type in the following command: ”SFC/SCANNOW”, click OK and wait to see the magic happening.

The scanning takes a few minutes, sometimes even 30 minutes. Once the Windows Repair Software finished its job, you will see some instructions on the screen from the SFC program. Follow them accordingly until every one of them is checked. When everything will be in order, the window will close and you may resume your work on the computer.

Is not really that hard, is it? Now that you know that, you can increase the performance of your PC and make it a great device and partner in online business.

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