Social bookmarking; A top SEO Strategy

Social bookmarking is something many of us do without realising, and it’s something the majority of us do every single day. Because technology is changing rapidly and we are all pretty much reliant on computers to work, we enter the world of technology and use a lot of what it has to offer, without even thinking about it. Each time we add a comment to an article, blog or post that’s been placed on a website; we are doing what is known as social bookmarking. We are leaving our stamp, our print on a particular web page and we all do it with ease and we don’t realise how technologically involved we are in things. Go back even just 10 years and you’ll see things have changed so very quickly; you’ll see how much technology has moved on and you’ll probably be astounded. Little did we know we would all be sitting in front of a computer during our work time, and again as we relax in the evening. I bet most of us never imagined we would be editing or adding to content that’s already online, and I bet we never thought we’d be doing it with ease either. This is how much the world has moved on and it’s reflective of how much technology has changed over a very short period of time.

 As time goes on and we get more and more proficient at using computers, and we become more reliable on them, we will continue to use social bookmarking methods as a form of communication with our neighbour, and the world. The world of social bookmarking has never been bigger, and it continues to grow exponentially.

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